Hi, I'm Felipe. I'm a Software Engineer. Full-stack Software Developer.

I'm involved with Internet Technologies as a Software Engineer, open to consulting, business, questions, collaborations, working for companies, etc. I've studied the most advanced and top programming languages of the nowadays, I'm all about JS, Python, Golang. I'm always researching all about advanced algorithms & cognitive computing. I'm really good understanding logic and algorithms. In short, I've been studying all about Internet Technologies since around the 90’s, more than 15 years in some way or another involved in the IT world.

I'm all into software engineering with , high-level frameworks, libraries & programming languages for Front or Back-End. I do also a lot of Code Refactoring, Rewrite (Programming), Decomposition (Computer Science) and I'm a supporter of the Open Source Software Community.


I have a lot of experience building the unattainable, squeezing unheard-of functionality out of all of the most popular web browsers.

Design, programming, understanding of the web & usability, combined with crafting technical solutions among with the experiencies and research theat meant always the drivers in my career and lead to sites and apps that users don't just use, but who fall in love, because they are crafted with the top technologies that grows exponentially on the web. I have great ability to understand logic and algorithms, which made me to move forward towards advanced algorithms as well.

I focus in the experience and the feelings involved. I have a view as an entrepreneur in my life, so every project or work I do is based in that principles. I understand perfectly what it means software design and development and technologies to handle piles of information and rivers of communications between users, companies and business and projects.

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You can get in touch with me to ask me whatever you want, get feedback, or anything else; please contact me at:

vCard f.alfonso@res-ear.ch
@felipealfonsog | @VolljSoftware
@Github | @Gitlab

Give me a shout through email so we could talk over Skype, Whatsapp or a call.
I have lived in India, Republic of South Aafrica & New Zealand but I'm based in Santiago, Chile. I like to have clients, partners or just get feedback in several areas with people on all around cities and the world.
I am part of the Team @Vollj - Website: Vollj.tech.

Felipe Alfonso González - Seeking the pioneering path in Software Engineering.

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